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Pattaya Diving Center, Siam Divers, offers PADI courses, including Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver, Divemaster. Siam Divers also teaches PADI Speciality Courses


Pattaya Diving Center ,Thailand. Siam Divers offers all-inclusive scuba diving internships. This training program, will make you an PADI Professional Divemaster.


Scuba Diving Pattaya, Thailand Siam Divers can also arrange Technical courses with the region's most-advanced techncial divers school. They offer all-inclusive training programs for Beginner, Intermediate and Advnaced technical divers. These courses include classes from ANDI

English: Scuba Diving; Deutscher: Unterwasseratemgerät-Tauchen; Español: Salto de la escafandra autónoma Français : Plongée de scaphandre; Italiano: Diving dello scuba; Het Nederlands: Vrij duiken; Português: Diving do Scuba

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PSA Open Water Sport Diver
Open Water Sport Diver

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PSA Pattaya

Pool Skills

A. Watermanship

  • 1. As per RSTC Standards
B. Equipment handling
  • 1. Inspect, assemble, adjust and don mask, fins, snorkel, scuba, weights and protective suit (if worn).
  • 2. Remove and replace scuba cylinder for filling.
  • 3. Post-dive care of equipment
C. Surface Skills
  • 1. Enter and exit the water using the best techniques for the local conditions.
  • 2. Correctly give, recognize and respond to surface communications for divers to include, but no limited to:
  • 3. I am/Are you Okay
  • 4. I am in distress
  • 5. Inflate and deflate the BCD, using the auto/power inflator and manual dump valve, respectively. Should also orally inflate unit
  • 6. Remove and properly ditch weight system
  • 7. With face submerged, breathe through the snorkel while resting and swimming without choking
  • 8. With face submerged, switch from breathing through the snorkel to the scuba regulator and back without choking.
  • 9. If required in the diving environment, enter and exit the water with a float and/or “Diver Down” flag and line.
  • 10. Simulate releasing a calf muscle cramp from him or herself or dive partner.
  • 11. Establish positive buoyancy upon command by releasing weights
  • 12. Establish positive buoyancy by inflating the BCD
  • 13. Swim 50 yards while wearing the scuba and breathing from the snorkel.
D. Descent/Ascent Skills
  • 1. Equalize pressure in air spaces during descents and ascents
  • 2. Descend feet first with a minimum of hand movement (sculling), using buoyancy compensator and lung volume to control rate of descent
  • 3. Ascend slowly and in control from depth.
  • 4. Perform a swimming (shallow dive angle) descent.
E. Underwater Skills
  • 1. Give, recognize and respond to common underwater communications
  • 2. Mask clearing
  • 3. Donning and clearing mask while underwater and breathing from SCUBA.
  • 4. Remove, release, recover and clear primary second stage regulator
    • a. By exhalation
    • b. By using the purge button
  • 5. Hover without support or significant movement
  • 6. Monitor gas supply with submersible pressure gauge
  • 7. Monitor and maintain depth using depth gauge without exceeding 18 meters (60 feet) at any time
F. Environmental Skills
  • 1. Dive using techniques that have a minimal impact on the environment. G. Emergency Skills
    • 1. Perform a simulated controlled emergency swimming ascent that spans no less than 10 vertical feet (3 meters) or 30 horizontal feet (9 meters) that ends with the student establishing buoyancy at the surface.
    • 2. Establish buoyancy at the surface by ditching weight belt
    • 3. Perform a sharing air ascent with the instructor playing the role of the out of air diver and donor in turn.
    • 4. Simulate signaling and calling for assistance at the surface.

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