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Pattaya Diving Center, Siam Divers, offers PADI courses, including Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver, Divemaster. Siam Divers also teaches PADI Speciality Courses


Pattaya Diving Center ,Thailand. Siam Divers offers all-inclusive scuba diving internships. This training program, will make you an PADI Professional Divemaster.


Scuba Diving Pattaya, Thailand Siam Divers can also arrange Technical courses with the region's most-advanced techncial divers school. They offer all-inclusive training programs for Beginner, Intermediate and Advnaced technical divers. These courses include classes from ANDI

English: Scuba Diving; Deutscher: Unterwasseratemgerät-Tauchen; Español: Salto de la escafandra autónoma Français : Plongée de scaphandre; Italiano: Diving dello scuba; Het Nederlands: Vrij duiken; Português: Diving do Scuba

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PSA Rescue Sport Diver
Rescue Sport Diver

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PSA Pattaya

Land/Surface Platform Based

  • A PSAI Rescue Diver student shall:
    • 1. Accurately evaluate a dive site identifying the most likely hazards in order of threat level
    • 2. Develop a complete emergency response plan for a dive site assigned by the instructor. The plan must include, at a minimum:
      • a. Local resources to include hospitals, marine patrols, Coast Guard, Etc.
      • b. Methods of communication that can be used at the site assigned including VHF, SSB, telephones, cell phones and other emergency communications like flares if operating on navigable waters
      • c. Methods of recovering the injured diver, especially removal from the water
      • d. Methods of evacuating the injured diver to medical support
    • 3. Given a scenario, each diver will complete an incident report containing the information necessary to assist with treatment of an injured diver including:
      • a. Approximate dive start time
      • b. Diver’s approximate bottom time
      • c. Maximum depth
      • d. Profile information on any preceding dives within the last twelve (12) hours
      • e. Time the diver was reported missing or injury was noted
      • f. Time that rescuers reached the diver
      • g. Condition of the diver when contact is made (i.e. breathing, not breathing, bleeding, etc)
      • h. First aid measures given and how (rescue breathing in the water, CPR on the platform, how long, etc.)
      • i. Air supply remaining in the diver’s cylinder
      • j. Any other information that may be pertinent to the rendering of medical aid

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