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Pattaya Diving Center, Siam Divers, offers PADI courses, including Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver, Divemaster. Siam Divers also teaches PADI Speciality Courses


Pattaya Diving Center ,Thailand. Siam Divers offers all-inclusive scuba diving internships. This training program, will make you an PADI Professional Divemaster.


Scuba Diving Pattaya, Thailand Siam Divers can also arrange Technical courses with the region's most-advanced techncial divers school. They offer all-inclusive training programs for Beginner, Intermediate and Advnaced technical divers. These courses include classes from ANDI

English: Scuba Diving; Deutscher: Unterwasseratemgerät-Tauchen; Español: Salto de la escafandra autónoma Français : Plongée de scaphandre; Italiano: Diving dello scuba; Het Nederlands: Vrij duiken; Português: Diving do Scuba

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A new underwater world to be discovered!"


Visitors to the area will be happy to discover that some of the best wreck diving in Thailand is found here in Pattaya. Although there are several wrecks scattered around, the two best sites in the area are the Khram and the Hardeep.

The Khram wreck is located near the island of Koh Phai (bamboo island), and rests on a sandy bottom at thirty meters deep. It is a recent wreck and was sunk as an artificial reef in February 2003. Since then, the aquatic life has bloomed and the wreck is now covered with a huge amount of corals, and is home to many different types of marine life including barracuda, batfish and rays. The visibility on the wreck varies from three to ten meters and its location is marked by a buoy and decent/ascent line. The Khram shipwreck is a popular divesite, and attracts divers from all over the world.

The Hardeep shipwreck is considered by some, to be the best wreck to dive but is more suited for the experienced diver as it is prone to strong currents. It is located at Samae-san, near Koh Chuang and lies on her side in twenty eight meters of water. The Hardeep is an Indonesian freighter which was sunk in 1942 by allied bombers based in India; she was caught at anchor with no protection and was directly hit by some 1000lb bombs.... some bombs which missed her, still lie near her final resting place. As you decend the line to the wreck, it appears eerie as you can imagine the day when she sank....the crew managed to swim ashore to the nearby island of Koh Chuang when she was hit, which is some two hundred meters away.

The Hardeep wreck is home to an established variety of marine life, and offers some good wreck penetration for those divers certified to do so. The general visibility varies from three to fifteen meters, but has been dived when the wreck could be seen from the surface ! Trips to dive the Hardeep wreck start with a journey in a taxi of around one hour to the fishing village of Samae-san, from here the boat departs, and it is only a twenty to thirty minute journey before you reach the buoy which marks her final resting place.


For those divers interested in more than ship wrecks, coral reef diving in Pattaya can be satisfying as well. There is an abundance of soft and hard corals with many different varieties of tropical, warm water marine life. The islands close to Pattaya offer great coral reef dives with depths from five to twenty meters, and visibility of three to fifteen meters. There are many dive sites to choose from; the closer ones are around Koh Larn, Koh Sak and Koh Khrok which are only a forty minute boat trip from Pattaya bay. These islands offer some great dives and underwater features, with an abundance of marine life.

Further away, we have the islands of Koh Phai, Hoo Chang, Koh Klung Badan, Koh Man Wichai and Koh Rin. These offer great coral reef dives with some great features like small walls, and valleys to explore. These also offer beautiful coral gardens where larger marine life such as nurse sharks and rays may be occasionally seen. You may see anything from small sea horses to angel fish, sea turtles and an occasional eagle ray !

Near the island of  Koh Rin, we also have Northrock,and  Southrock. The underwater profile of the divesites, and the better visibility makes these a popular destination. They offer rocky canyons and swim-throughs to explore with a vast variety of marine life. These "far islands", are around a one hour and fifteen minute boat trip from Pattaya Bay.

For those divers looking for an active diving holiday - or a busy nightlife holiday......Pattaya might well be the answer. For those students of scuba diving, Pattaya offers many opportunities as well.

For a year, a month, week or a weekend, Pattaya has the potential to keep even the most active diver happy.

Click Here For Specific Information On HMS Khram Shipwreck
Click Here For Specific Information On The Hardeep Shipwreck

Book with Siam Divers and you will receive quality training and professional service. We conduct all of our courses according to PADI (Profesional Association Of Diving Instructors) standards and structure.


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