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Pattaya Diving Center, Siam Divers, offers PADI courses, including Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver, Divemaster. Siam Divers also teaches PADI Speciality Courses


Pattaya Diving Center ,Thailand. Siam Divers offers all-inclusive scuba diving internships. This training program, will make you an PADI Professional Divemaster.


Scuba Diving Pattaya, Thailand Siam Divers can also arrange Technical courses with the region's most-advanced techncial divers school. They offer all-inclusive training programs for Beginner, Intermediate and Advnaced technical divers. These courses include classes from ANDI

English: Scuba Diving; Deutscher: Unterwasseratemgerät-Tauchen; Español: Salto de la escafandra autónoma Français : Plongée de scaphandre; Italiano: Diving dello scuba; Het Nederlands: Vrij duiken; Português: Diving do Scuba

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PADI Open Water Course Details
Course Details

Diving Pattaya

Scuba Diving Pattaya - Dive Pattaya - Dive Thailand - PADI Open Water Course

PADI Open Water Course Diving Theory

Course information as per PADI Open Water Diver DVD Ver 2.0

Diving Theory

    Section One

    • The underwater world - buoyancy
    • Pressure and your body
    • Pressure, volume and density relationahips
    • Effects of increasing pressure
    • Effects of decreasing pressure
    • Effects of increased air density
    • Dive equipment : masks
    • Snorkels
    • Fins
    • Scuba systems : BCD's
    • Tanks and valves
    • Regulators
    • Submersible pressure gauge
    • The buddy system

    Section Two

    • Adapting to the underwater world : seeing and hearing underwater
    • Heat loss underwater
    • Motion in water
    • Respiration
    • Overexertion
    • Airway control and breathing goals
    • Dive equipment : exposure suits
    • Exposure suits accessories
    • Weight systems
    • Alternate air sources
    • Low pressure inflator
    • Dive knives
    • Gear bags
    • Divbe instruments
    • Buddy system communications
    • Buddy system procedures

    Section Three

    • The dive environment : temperature
    • Visability
    • Currents
    • Bottom composition
    • Aquatic life
    • Aquatic animals
    • Aquatic plants
    • Sunlight
    • Fresh Water
    • Salt Water
    • Ocean diving
    • Dive planning
    • Advanced planning
    • Preparation
    • Last minute preparation
    • Pre-dive planning
    • Dive the plan
    • Boat diving
    • Problem management
    • Surface problem management
    • Problem recognition
    • Assisting another diver
    • Underwater problem management
    • Overexertion
    • Running low on or out of air
    • Regulator free flow
    • Entanglement
    • Near drowning and the unresponsive diver

    Section Four

    • Dive accessories : surface floats
    • Dive flags
    • Underwater lights
    • Underwater slates
    • Spare parts kit
    • Log book
    • Health for diving
    • Breathing at depth
    • Contaminated air
    • Nitrogeon narcosis
    • Decompression sickness (DCS)
    • Signs and symptoms of DCS
    • First aid and treatment of DCS
    • Dive tables and dive tables introduction
    • No decompression (no stop) diving
    • Dive tables
    • Dive computers
    • Repetitive diving
    • General rules for using the recreational dive planner

    Section Five

    • Special dive table and computer procedures
    • Safety stops
    • Emergency decompression
    • Using the RDP
    • Decompression and using a dive computer
    • Altitude diving
    • Flying after diving
    • Cold and strenuous conditions
    • Using a dive computer
    • Basic compass navigation
    • Continuing your adventure
    • Meet people
    • Do things
    • PADI adventure dives
    • Adventures in diving program
    • Specialty diver courses
    • Discover local diving
    • Scuba review
    • Rescue diver course
    • Master scuba diver
    • Turn pro : divemaster
    • Instructor development course
    • Some hard truths about diving

PADI Open Water Course Pool Training

Course information as per PADI Open Water Diver DVD Ver 2.0

Confined Water Skills

    Section One

    • Assembling youe scuba equipment
    • Adjustments and gearing up
    • Breathing underwater
    • Regulator clearing
    • Regulator recovery
    • Mask Clearing
    • Swimming underwater
    • Equilization and underwater swimming
    • Managing your air
    • Alternate air source
    • Ascending
    • Exiting the water
    • Equipment disassembly and care

    Section Two

    • Pre-dive safety check
    • Entering the water
    • Snorkel breathing and blast clearing
    • Snorkel / regulator exchanges
    • Surface snorkelling
    • Descending
    • No-mask breathing
    • Mask replacement
    • Disconnecting the low pressure inflator hose
    • Inflating your BCD orally
    • Proper weighting
    • Air depletion exercise
    • Ascents
    • Weight removal at surface
    • Deep water exit

    Section Three

    • Neutral buoyancy
    • Neutral buoyancy swim
    • Cramp removal
    • Tired diver tow
    • Air depletion / alternate air source combined exercise
    • Free flow regulator breathing
    • Controlled emergency swimming ascent
    • General open water skills : evaluating dive conditions
    • Suiting up
    • Open water entries
    • Surf entries and exits
    • Surface swimming
    • Descent in open water

    Section Four

    • Hyperventilation
    • Skin diving and surface dives
    • Displacement snorkel clearing
    • Sitting back roll entry
    • No mask swimming
    • Buoyancy control : hovering

    Section Five

    • Weight system handling
    • Scuba unit handling

PADI Open Water Course Open Water Dives

Recommended Training Sequence As Per PADI Open Water Diver Training Slates Ver2.1

All skills listed will have been practised in the pool training sessions stated above

Open Water Dive One

  • Briefing
  • Equipment preparation
  • Don and adjust equipment
  • Predive safety check
  • Entry
  • Buoyancy check
  • Controlled descent
  • Underwater exploration
  • Ascent
  • Exit
  • Debrief and log the dive

Open Water Dive Two

  • Briefing
  • Equipment preparation
  • Dan and adjust equipment
  • Predive safety check
  • Entry
  • Bouyancy check
  • Cramp removal
  • 25 meter tired diver tow
  • Snorkel / regulator exchange
  • Controlled descent
  • Buoyancy control - fin pivot with low pressure inflator
  • Partial mask flood and clear
  • Complete mask flood and clear
  • Regulator recovery and clearing
  • Alternate air source use -0 stationary
  • Alternate air source assisted ascent
  • Underwater exploration and buoyancy control
  • Ascent
  • Weight removal at surface
  • Exit
  • Debrief and log the dive

Open Water Dive Three

  • Briefing
  • Equipment preparation
  • Don and adjust equipment
  • Predive safety check
  • Entry
  • Buoyancy check
  • 50 meter straight line swim with compass
  • Free descent with reference
  • Buoyancy control - fin pivot, oral inflation
  • Complete mask flood and clear
  • Controlled emergency swimming ascent
  • Buddy breathing (optional)
  • Underwater exploration and buoyancy control
  • Ascent
  • Remove and replace weight system at surface
  • Remove and replace scuba unit at surface
  • Exit
  • Debrief and log the dive

Open Water Dive Four

  • Briefing
  • Equipment preparation
  • Don and adjust equipment
  • Predive safety check
  • Entry
  • Buoyancy check
  • Free descent without reference
  • Buoyancy control : hovering
  • Mask removal , replacement, and clearing
  • Underwater navigation with compass
  • Underwater exploration and buoyancy control
  • Ascent
  • Exit
  • Debriefing and log the dive


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Published on: 2005-05-18 (1037 reads)

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