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Hardeep Detailed Information
Specific Wreck Information

Scuba Diving Pattaya - Dive Pattaya - Dive Thailand - Hardeep Wreck


Pattaya - Hardeep Shipwreck

Thai Vessels name:- Suthathip

Suthathip Wreck (Hardeep) is a Thai steam ship. It had one propeller with a 3 cylinder steam engine (105.5 horse power). The length of the ship is 68.11 meters, with a width of 10.84 metre, and height of 5.43 metres. The Hardeep was initially a cargo ship for approximately three years before it was called by the Royal Thai Navy to assist in the World War II.

There are many rumours concerning the sinking of this vessel. The most likely is that on the 30th of May 1945 , Sattahip bay in Samae-san was severly hit by the allied bombers. There were many boat at anchor and the Hardeep (Suthathip) which obviously had no guns to protect itself because it was a cargo ship, was severly damaged. It caught on fire and sank into the murkey depths.


The Hardeep lies on its starboard side at a max depth 24-27 meters depending on the tides, with two unexploded 1000 pound bombs nearby at about 100 meters away. It is suggested that these bombs are from the allied bombers but were dropped at a low altitude not allowing them to arm themselves. It is believed that a bomb exploded near the vessel causing damage, as if the vessel was hit directly there would be more structural damage and the Hardeep would have evidence of sinking quickly. If you have a wreck speciality, it is possible to swim from one end of the wreck to the other without leaving it. There are penetration points all around the wreck making it an awesome wreck to dive!

The original steam engine has been removed through a purposely cut hole in the side making access to the engine room easy. For those who dare to go inside. there are three enormous boilers covered in coral to be investigated. To dive the Hardeep, the tide charts must be checked first as the location is prone to fierce currents. It is a mature wreck with mature aquatic life and corals....A great dive!

Some details courtesy of the Royal Thai Navy s


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